At Southside Dental Clinic, patients receive the care and commitment they deserve, in a fun and welcoming environment.  Our dentists know that everyone has different needs, and that your input is just as valuable as ours in having a successful outcome.

Dr. Barto and Dr. Melhus will spend time with you at your appointment finding an affordable way to get the result you desire. Southside Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care by offering services such as preventive care (cleanings), restorations (fillings), crowns & bridges, extractions, partial dentures, and full dentures.  Our in-office laboratory allows us to provide Same-day Custom Fit Dentures.  We can also repair and reline your denture in one day!

Our goal at Southside Dental Clinic is to help each patient achieve the smile they desire by promoting good oral health practices and by providing quality dental care.

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